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Kickin' Pancreas cancer in the dick every day.

If you want a cool screensaver for your computer and want to help advance research in medicine, clean energy, and materials science with Rosetta@home or you wish to help Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with SETI@home - that's awesome! Download the BOINC Manager and setup your screensaver to help contribute to our team (F*ck Cancer @ SETI and F*ck Cancer @ Rosetta - or see the combined stats here at BOINC Stats).

BOINC will use your desktop/laptop's CPU while you're not using it to help further research. Make sure to join F*ck Cacner!

Example screensaver!

Our current "F*ck Cancer" statistics! A team of TWO (2) right now. Thanks @SteveJames for joining me!

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